Charlie Crist won the Democratic primary for governor of Florida on 23 August,2022

According to a race call by The Associated Press, Democratic incumbent Charlie Crist will take on Republican Governor Ron DeSantis in the general election for governor of Florida.

After more than ten years as Florida’s Republican governor, Crist is now a Democrat serving in the House of Representatives.Charlie Crist won the Democratic primary for governor of Florida

According to report disclosed that the governor’s primary has brought attention to a rift within the state’s Democratic Party. Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried, Crist’s opponent, attacked him for his record as governor and for changing his position on topics like abortion and criminal justice.

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Report disclosed that,The stakes for this election could not be any higher, Charlie Crist said as he declared victory on Tuesday night. “Our fundamental freedoms are literally on the ballot, my friends.

A woman’s right to choose on the ballot. Democracy on the ballot. Your rights as minorities are on this ballot,” he said, thanking Fried for a spirited campaign.

In order to emphasize his position as a candidate who supports abortion rights, he used the words “bully” and “dangerous” to describe DeSantis.

I will sign an executive order defending women’s right to reproductive freedom on the first day of my administration.In order to run as a moderate and outraise Fried, Crist has positioned himself as the candidate most likely to defeat DeSantis in November.

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In addition to receiving support from influential Democratic-leaning organizations like the state’s teachers union, he has made an effort to win over independent votes and disenchanted Republicans.

Charlie Crist has a mediocre track record of electoral success. He broke away from the GOP in order to challenge Marco Rubio for the United states Senate in 2010 as an independent. In 2014, he ran again for governor as a Democrat but lost to Republican Rick Scott, who is now a senator, by approximately a percentage point.

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Local government officials are having trouble because of a modification to Florida’s ballot signature screening.Rumor has it that the powerful governor is thinking about running for president in 2024. He has more than $100 million in the bank and has increased his national profile.
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DeSantis has been well-known for his fights over education, particularly how educators talk to their kids about racial issues, historical figures, and LGBTQ people. In order to limit conversations about those topics in public school settings and even workplaces, he has advocated for additional rules.

In order to prevail in November, Crist will need to win over a portion of Florida’s approximately 4 million non-affiliated votes.

Although there are currently more registered Republicans in the state than Democrats, statewide elections have frequently been close. In 2018, DeSantis won with a margin of victory of almost 1%.

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