The ending of Netflix’s Choose or Die leaves room to expand the world of the film, so we asked director Toby Meakins where the story could go next!

We meet Kayla in Netflix’s Choose or Die, who is struggling in poverty while caring for her bereaved mother. Intrigued by the prospect of winning a monetary prize and changing her family’s fate, she unintentionally enters the mysterious realm of CURS>R, a cursed retro video game that challenges players to make difficult decisions for others in order to preserve their own lives.

Kayla eventually beats the game with her coding talents, gaining access to the curse’s power.

If you’ve just finished watching the streaming service’s wild horror genre offering, you may have noticed that the ending is a little ambiguous, and it certainly leaves room for the story to continue if enough people are interested in seeing the deadly concept at the center of the film explored further. We were fortunate enough to catch director Toby Meakins on the eve of the film’s premiere to talk about this very possibility!

Interestingly, Meakins and writer Simon Allen’s story is based on persons like Kayla’s lack of choice.

“[The premise is that] if you work hard and are clever, or just work hard, you can earn your way out of poverty,” Meakins says. “It’s all about you succeeding and attempting. Tell it to the world’s four billion people. It’s complete nonsense. Kayla doesn’t have a choice at the start of the movie. She’s been thrown into this circumstance and must battle her way out in any way she can. The movie’s moral question at the end is whether Kayla’s character should even be employing the curse for her own profit. Would I do the same thing if I were in her shoes? “I’d do it.”

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What about the strange curse’s origins, which are left unexplained in the film? You’ll be relieved to learn that Meakins and Allen have already mapped out a significant portion of the mythology.
Meakins explains, “We didn’t just write a feature script for this.”

“This curse dates back to the time when the first pilgrims arrived in America, when people were so hungry that they dug up dead and ate the leather belts of those they buried.” We even know where in Europe it originated. We’ve already decided what we’d like to do with the tale in the future, whether it’s a prequel, a sequel, or even a TV program.”

The ending of Choose or Die also lifts the game limitations of the curse, leaving it ripe for more exploration, even in an anthology format. “You can do a lot with the idea of a curse that you use to gain something by causing suffering to somebody else. It could be the smallest amount of suffering, and you could get smallest amount of gain, or it could be a huge amount of suffering, and a huge amount of gain. If I want $10, how much suffering does a person have to endure for me to get it?”

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