Colonel Abubakar Dangiwa Umar(rtd), a former military governor of Kaduna State, has encouraged President Muhammadu Buhari to postpone the projected National Census, which is set to take place in April 2023, and instead focus on security.

He stated in a statement released Friday evening that the report on the scheduled National Census was “shocking,” and that President Buhari should focus on finding a long-term solution to the country’s “disturbing security concerns.”

“Because Nigeria is confronted with grave concerns like as insecurity and a crumbling economy, commencing on a census would be a miscalculation and a waste of scarce resources,” he said.

According to him, the FG should devote all of its resources on safeguarding the country and overseeing the 2023 elections.

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“Most well-intentioned Nigerians must have been shocked by the FGN’s decision to seek and obtain clearance from the National Council of State to conduct a national census in April 2023.”

“A country confronting grave issues like as unprecedented levels of instability and a collapsing economy cannot make conducting a national census one of its top priorities.” As a result, we encourage the Buhari administration to put a stop to what will amount to a waste of limited national resources.

This administration should devote all of its resources to safeguarding the country and overseeing the 2023 elections. “A national census is clearly not a priority at this point, assuming that it can be conducted,” he remarked.

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