About college Relief Fund

The College Relief Fund (CRF) is a multi-faceted fundraising campaign that aims to provide long-term financial support and opportunity for all African youngsters who want to pursue their aspirations of receiving a high-quality post-secondary education.


We are a for-profit corporation dedicated to assisting students.

To ensure fairness in endowments, our team and methods are free of outside intervention.
scholarships (limited at $1,000) will be awarded based on the needs of students.

Stress-Free Learning

CRF has engaged stakeholders interested in the educational growth of African youths since its launch in 2018. We’re thrilled to have hit pay dirt in 2019 and raised $245,000.00 to launch our first round of direct scholarships to help deserving students across higher education. in Africa’s institutions CRF is establishing a track record of successfully and efficiently utilising its funds to accomplish its mission.
Our goal is to provide young Africans and destitute families with the knowledge and tools they need to complete a higher education, as well as to provide scholarships and support services to as many students as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand your desire for answers. And you need them now. Learn more about some frequently asked questions. Feel free to raise your own questions if you don’t think we’ve addressed your specific concern enough.

Who is eligible to participate?

1. All Nigerian students enrolled in approved Universities, Polytechnics / Monotechnics, and Colleges of Education (public or private) throughout the country are eligible.
2. During the application period, students must not be in their last year. For example, a typical four-year university programme has a level range of 100 to 300. HND 1 for Polytechnics / Monotechnics, etc. Pre-ND – HND 1 for Polytechnics / Monotechnics, etc.
3. A student must not have been placed on academic probation due to poor grades at any point in their academic career.

Is it true that there are registration fees?

No! The scholarship program’s registration and enrollment are both free. All pre-selected candidates will also receive a free document verification and aptitude test. No student will be expected to pay for any services related to the scholarship in the future.

I’m having trouble logging in.

If you’re having trouble logging in, you can RESET your password.
If the pages reload without logging you in despite using your proper password, try a different browser, device, or data network temporarily.

What is the procedure for submitting an application?

1. Create an account or log in to the portal.
2. On your Dashboard, sign up for the scholarship programme for free.
3. Subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to stay up to date. (Referrals will be rewarded from time to time.)

What is the value of the scholarship?

The scholarship recipients will receive a need-based endowment grant of up to N500,000.00 to cover tuition, housing, and other living expenses. The grant is expected to be an annual grant that will be re-awarded based on academic progress, changes in financial situation, and other criteria as determined by the awardee’s needs.

How many people will be able to take advantage of this?

The initial scholarship funds we received will benefit about 1200 students in four waves. The purpose of our present financial grant is to spread out over two academic calendar periods and four academic semesters. Based on available money and student needs, there will be a constant review.

I’m having trouble enrolling.

During the open enrollment period, see the Step-by-Step guide to applying for the Scholarship.
Step-by-step instructions for submitting a successful scholarship application
The application process for the College Relief Fund Scholarship was created to be simple, quick, and straightforward. However, some customers appear to be having difficulty following the instructions on the dashboard, which is why I’m writing this post to provide clarification.

Please take the time to go over the steps listed here.

1. REGISTRATION is the first step.To access the full functionality of your dashboard, you must first create a login and password.
If you haven’t already done so, go to the LOGIN PAGE HERE. Make sure your email is active since you will receive an email with a link to activate your account.
If you’ve already registered and have your username and password, you can skip this step. If this is the case, make sure you’re logged in.
2. SIGN IN.You must be logged in to use the Scholarship Application process to its best potential.You may log in by going to the top of the page and clicking LOGIN, then entering your username and password.
Note: If the website keeps reloading without allowing you to log in, please contact us ot Please switch to another browser, device, or data network. The same is true if you’re attempting to change your password. If you’re using Chrome, make sure “lite mode” is turned off for a better experience.


There are three FLIP BOXES on your dashboard (ENROL, REFER, PRE-SELECTION). By clicking it, you can learn more about the subject at hand.

The Flip Boxes are placed one on top of the other three on mobile phones.


This is the MOST IMPORTANT stage in the scholarship application process, and it will take you around 5 minutes to do.
You fill out your Personal, Academic, Family, and Expenditure information in this step. This is critical in completing your application. Ensure that the information you supply is accurate because it will be verified.

We strongly encourage you to mention any of your friends or classmates who are in need of financial assistance.
This is occasionally rewarded with data or airtime for the most deserving applicants. Winners of data or airtime are chosen at random from all those who have referred.

The Pre-Selection Flip Box is beyond your control.
It will remain orange and will only change if the status of your application changes.
It’s possible that your status will change to “Pre-Selected,” “Wait-List,” or “Ineligible.”
You will be requested to take an Aptitude Test and produce papers for verification if you are Pre-Selected. This is also available for no cost. Depending on availability, it may change from “Wait List” to “Pre-Selected.”

The Flip Boxes are placed one on top of the other on mobile devices.
The Ideal Dashboard state at the completion of your application procedure is depicted in the image above.

We recommend that you check your dashboard and/or email for updates on a frequent basis.

Enlistment assistance and document verification

For assistance with the Enlistment and Document Verification Process for Pre-Selected applicants, see the Enlisting Guide.

Enlistment Instructions

Dear Candidate,
Enlisting for the Document Verification and Aptitude Test has been overwhelmed with pleas for assistance. As a result, this help guide will answer the majority of your questions.

1. Login problems:
We are aware that some applicants are experiencing login difficulties, in which the site reloads without logging them in.
If this happens, go to a different web browser, device, or data network.
Please keep in mind that this is a client-side mistake, and we can only provide you with the information listed above. If the problem persists, use a computer or go to a cafe.
1.Issue Enlistment Only candidates who have been pre-selected will be able to register for the Document Verification and Aptitude Test. Make sure you’re logged in to your dashboard before clicking the Green Pre-Selected buttonBox that can be flipped.
2.After you’ve flipped the page, click ENLIST. Make sure you’ve read and comprehended the enlistment terms. It describes the procedure and the kind of questions to anticipate.
3. Document Uploading:
If you don’t know how to submit papers online, go to a Cyber Cafe or ask a friend for assistance.
Your documents can be in JPEG, PNG, or PDF format. You can also submit your documents by taking a snapshot of them.
1.Make sure each file is under 1MB in size. The more compact, the better.
2.If you have not yet been issued an ID card, your School/Jamb Admission Letter can be used as one.
3.If you haven’t taken an exam yet or haven’t received your results, leave it blank give a justification
4.If the form is submitted without attachments, please send them to using the portal’s email address.
4. Submit Button that Rolls.
1.Please try a new browser, device, or network if the submit button continues rolling when uploading your documents. Alternatively, go to a cafe.
5. You’re Still Seeing Test Days After You’ve Been Selected.
1.If the list of test dates persists, simply log out and back in to confirm.
2.If the problem remains, try selecting an alternative date without submitting your documents because they will have already been submitted.
6. Practice Test Answers
1.The practise test is designed to mimic the actual exam. You may, however, Google the answers to double-check them.
2.The test is given to assist you in determining whether or not your device is compatible with the live testing service.
3.The actual test may or may not follow the same question format as the practise test.
This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

When will the pre-selection process begin?

Pre-Selection normally begins one week after Enrollment closes. All applications will be reviewed, and all applicants will receive an email with their enrollment status.
When will the aptitude test be held?
The dates for the aptitude tests have been revealed, and Pre-Selected candidates will be able to choose from a list of dates to take their examinations online. For each day of the test, up to 100 people can participate.

What is the Aptitude Test’s Purpose?

There will be ten multiple choice questions in each of three categories in the online test. The applicants will be given 15 minutes to respond to the questions. The test will be proctored electronically through your browser.

Why wasn’t I asked about my home state?

All applicants will be interviewed Individually and impartially vetted, regardless of their country of origin, tribe, religion, or other social organisations.

When will I be able to upload my documents as well as my account number?

In the event of final selection for scholarship payout, only Pre-Selected applicants will be needed to upload their documents for verification and provide their account information.

What is the duration of the scholarship?

Scholarship endowments are planned to be distributed to students on a yearly basis. This is subject to change based on the progress of the students over the scholarship period.

Will I be required to submit an essay?

No. However, you will be required to complete a free enrollment form that includes all required information as well as a brief statement of need.

Is this something to do with Covid19?

No. The College Relief Fund’s financing grant was acquired well before the Covid-19 pandemic and was set to begin in early 2020. All preparations, however, were put on hold until educational institutions reopened.

Is the College Relief Fund a rip-off?

This is a valid scholarship programme supported by the private sector and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to encourage Nigerians to pursue higher education.
It is supported by corporate and individual charity trusts such as the World Vision programme, the Scheinberg Trust, and the United States Agency for International Development, among others. The African Capital Digest and the Growfund platform collaborated to make the funding feasible.
In the near future, similar projects will be spread into other major African country

Kindly visit register/login

Note; Don’t pay Anything with Anybody

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