Korra Obidi’s husband has announced his intention to divorce her.
“Since 2018, I’ve been attempting to save our marriage.”

Justin Dean, the husband of Korra Odidi, a well-known Nigerian dancer in the United States, has filed for divorce.His comments come only a week after they welcomed their second child into the world.
On Instagram, Mr Dean, a chiropractor, described his predicament in the marriage, which he claims he has been attempting to save since 2018.On the famous dating app Tinder, the couple met in China.
Mrs Odidi was teaching language through dance in Shanghai, China at the time while Justin worked as a sports therapist for the Chinese National Olympics Team.They wedded in December 2017 and now live in Los Angeles, USA.She became famous in 2019 when she auditioned for the popular American reality dance show, “So You Think You Can Dance”, while she was six months pregnant. She was the first pregnant woman to ever audition for the show.



The dancer’s husband alleged that she was cheating and the marriage seemed uncomfortable for him.He said he has been a ‘prisoner’ in his family.
He wrote, “I’m tired of the narcissism, cheating and lack of accountability. I’ve been trying since 2018 to save our marriage and if I don’t do exactly what she says, she divorces me. I’ve been a prisoner that has his family used against him if she doesn’t get exactly what she wants”.“Korra Obidi and I are getting a divorce. It’s over, I wouldn’t be treated this way longer. I did my absolute best to make it work.
Odidi’s remark
In an Instagram video, the dancer responded to the divorce by saying she will focus on herself and her children.”I’m going to give it my all to take care of my newborn,” she continued, “because when mama is good, the baby is good.”
Mrs Obidi has starred in music videos for famous singers such as Sasha, Orezi, and Davido and has released multiple viral dance videos.She’s also won and been nominated for various dance awards, including an AFRIMMA Best African Dancer nomination in 2020.

Justin Dean, Korra Obidi’s husband, said, “I was being used in marriage.”

Justin Dean, the husband of Korra Obidi, a well-known dancer and singer, has claimed that he is being used in his marriage.He startled many when he announced they were getting divorced in a post earlier this week. Many people were taken aback by his statement because the pair had always presented themselves as blissfully married, and they had just had their second kid a week before. Many people assumed it was a stunt because of this, but Justin, a sports doctor, insisted, “Not a stunt.” He claimed to have always supported and loved Korra.
“I am tired of narcissism, cheating, and lack of accountability,” Dean said in his penultimate social media post before filing this report. I’ve been trying to save our marriage since 2018, and if I don’t do whatever she asks, she’ll divorce me (sic). I’ve been a prisoner whose family is used against him if he doesn’t receive all he wants.”

“I am going to be 100 percent committed to taking care of my newborn and myself,” Korra said in her first post following Dean’s revelation on Friday evening. When mama is happy, so is the baby. Thank you everybody for your messages. I honestly don’t know what I would do if it weren’t for your help. I’m hoping for the best finding the strength to come up here will make you happy.

Korra Obidi Brief History

Korra Obidi is a character in the film Korra Obidi
Korra Obidi was born in Oshimili, Delta State, Nigeria, in the year 1994. Her parents raised her in the town where she was born and raised. She and her two siblings were raised in the church. She is a singer, actress, model, and dancer by trade. She has already travelled to various nations in order to develop her abilities and skills.

Korra began her career at a very young age. She got things started by singing and dancing in church. Her music career, on the other hand, began in October 2015, when she released her first single, Man Like You. The world cup song Africa, which was published in 2017, was the biggest break in her career. In addition, her song Park well placed her at number four on the Nigerian music chart.
Currently, she resides in Los Angeles, California with her husband Dr. Justin Dean and her daughter who was born on July 9, 2019. Justin is a Sports Therapist and Chiropractor from America.

Name: Korra Obidi

Date of Birth: June 23,1996(26 years old As of 2020, Korra is 26 years old.

Gender: Female

Height: 5 feet 4inches

Weight: 55 kilograms

Measurements: N/A

Nationality: Nigerian

Ethnicity: N/A

Profession: Singer

Parents: N/A

Siblings: N/A

Net worth: $1 million USD

Salary: N/A

Marital Status: Married

Husband: Dr Justin Dean

Children: 1

Divorce: N/A

Education: Command Secondary School

Instagram: Korraobidi

Tiktok: N/A

Twitter: @korraobidi


interesting facts about Korra Obidi

  • She celebrates her birthday every year on the 23rd of June.
  • As of 2020, Korra is 26 years old.
  • By profession, she is a singer,
  • dancer, model as well as an actress.
  • For her education, Korra went to Command Secondary School in Ojo, Lagos. Furthermore, she studies Business Education at the University of Education.
  • Korra is married. She married to American sports therapist named Dr. Justin Dean.
  • Obidi is has a daughter who was born in July 9, 2019.
  • She is active in social media as well.
  • Thereare 572k followers on her Instagram.
  • Korra has earned good money in her short career. She has an
  • estimatednet worth of $1 million USD.
  • Korra Obidi was born in the year 1994 in Nigeria.

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