Earth Day 2022 will be held on Friday, April 22nd, and the theme for this year is “Invest in the future of our planet. So, what are your plans? “according to the website

The website declared, “This is the opportunity to change it all – the economic climate, the political climate, and how we take climate action.” “Now is the moment for irrepressible courage to safeguard and maintain our health, our families, and our way of life.”

Citizens, governments, and corporations are being urged to do everything they can to address the climate disaster in order to “create a healthy Earth for our children and their children,” according to advocates.

The History of Earth Day

Earth Day was held for the first time in April 1970, before the Environmental Protection Agency, the Clean Air Act, or the Clean Water Act ever existed. There were simply no laws in existence at the time to safeguard the environment.

According to, Rachel Carson’s book “Silent Spring,” published in 1962, was crucial in boosting public knowledge and concern about environmental issues. It was published in 24 countries and sold over 500,000 copies. Senator Gaylord Nelson, according to the EPA, launched Earth Day in the spring of 1970 as a method to put the issue into the national limelight.

In December 1970, Congress authorised the construction of a new federal agency to deal with environmental issues, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, after 20 million Americans demonstrated across the country.

On Earth Day, Biden and Harris speak at a climate meeting.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris kicked off Earth Day’s climate summit with a bold vow to reduce America’s climate-wrecking coal and petroleum emissions by at least half.

The first national coordinator, David Hayes, teamed up with Nelson in 1990 to spread Earth Day festivities to over 100 countries, turning it into a global event. Every year on April 22nd, it is observed.

How to celebrate Earth Day 2022

According to, there are several events scheduled around the world to commemorate Earth Day.

For every $1 donated, the Canopy Project will plant a tree somewhere on the planet.

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The Great Global Cleanup is a worldwide effort to clean up billions of pieces of rubbish from streets, beaches, rivers, lakes, trails, and parks. It’s all part of a larger campaign to minimise waste and plastic pollution, improve habitats, and protect wildlife and humans. A number of cities are conducting similar activities.

People can also contribute by making small adjustments in their daily lives, such as composting and using reusable cutlery, according to advocates.
Tree planting, displays, and other activities are being held in several towns across the country.

Biden’s focus on climate change has not shifted.

President Joe Biden has a difficult road to attaining his lofty goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030, owing to parliamentary impasse that has blocked a $2 trillion package of social and environmental programmes.


Biden’s Build Back Better plan, which includes $550 billion in expenditures and tax credits targeted at encouraging clean energy, was derailed by West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, who declared shortly before Christmas that he couldn’t support the package as written.

Even without the legislation, Biden can pursue his climate agenda through rules and regulations. But those can be undone by subsequent presidents, as demonstrated by Biden reversing Trump administration rules that rolled back protections put into place under Barack Obama.

Insurers’ perspectives on climate change

Swiss Re’s group chief economist Jerome Haegeli, who conducts economic and insurance market research, discusses how the industry is approaching climate change concerns.

Biden’s executive ability to limit tailpipe emissions from automobiles and trucks, as well as restrict emissions from power plants and other industrial sources, experts say, as well as the federal government’s immense power to approve renewable energy projects on federal lands and seas, experts say.

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Indeed, the EPA approved stricter pollution rules for cars and trucks the day after Manchin’s shocking revelation on December 19. As part of the administration’s attempts to combat climate change by shifting away from fossil fuels, the Interior Department approved two large-scale solar projects in California and pushed to open up public lands in other Western states to solar development.

Under the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed in November, the administration has access to tens of billions of dollars, including $7.5 billion to build a national network of electric vehicle chargers, $5 billion to deliver thousands of electric school buses across the country, and $65 billion to upgrade the power grid to reduce outages and facilitate the expansion of renewable energy like wind and solar power.

“I believe the United States has a lot of tools and options to make progress on climate in the next decade,” said John Larsen, an energy systems specialist and partner at the Rhodium Group, a nonpartisan research organisation.


Earth Day Themes from 2005 to 2022

1. 2022——— The official announcement was made by the Earth Day Organization. “Invest In Our Planet” is the theme for Earth Day 2022. Acting boldly, innovating broadly, and implementing in an egalitarian manner are the essential points here.

2. 2021 —— Restore Our Earth: The theme for Earth Day 2021 was “Everything on Earth is Interdependent.” As a result, we must conserve the Earth in order to safeguard everyone.
3. 2020 ——Climate Action: In 2020, Earth Day will focus on climate change and encourage people to take action to combat it.
Protect Our Species: The subject of this year’s Earth Day is “Protect Our Species,” which highlights the devastation caused by human activities.
4. 2019 ——– Protect Our Species: With ”Protect Our Species” theme, Earth Day brought to attention the destruction human activities have caused.
5. 2018——— End Plastic Pollution: In 2018, Earth Day urged people to understand the harms of plastic and limit its use.
6. 2017 ——- Environmental & Climate Literacy: In 2017, Earth Day theme focused on making people aware of climate change.
7. 2016 ——– Trees for the Earth: In 2016, Earth Day celebration raised awareness about the shrinking tree cover. It encouraged people to plant more trees and prevent deforestation.

8. It’s Our Turn to Lead: Earth Day 2015 called for individuals, leaders, and activists to commit to environmental protection.
9. Green Cities in 2014: Not concrete jungles, but cities with plenty of greenery for a healthy environment. Earth Day 2014 had this as its theme.
10. The Face of Climate Change: The topic for Earth Day 2013 was “The Face of Climate.” The goal was to raise public awareness about the negative effects of climate change.
11. 2012 – Mobilize the Earth: The theme for Earth Day 2012 is “Mobilize the Earth,” which encourages everyone to help protect the world.
12. 2011 – Clean the Air: The Earth Day theme in 2011 was to encourage people to limit activities that damage the air. It also urged people to help clean up the environment.
13. A Billion Acts of Green in 2010: Even tiny gestures can help protect the environment. That was the goal of the 2010 Earth Day theme, “A Billion Acts of Green.”
14. How Do You Get Around in 2009: The theme of the 2009 Earth Day event was finding ways to mitigate the negative effects of climate chamge

15. The Earth will become dead without trees. As a result, on Earth Day 2008, people were encouraged to safeguard trees.
16. 2007 – Be Kind to the Earth – beginning with resource conservation: Earth resources are limited, therefore we must utilise them wisely. The theme of Earth Day 2007 was environmental protection.
17. 2006 – Science and Faith: We should trust science and find ways to protect our earth.
18. 2005 – Healthy Environment for Children: In 2005, Earth Day aimed to inspire people to protect the environment for future generations.


Latest News and Updates about Earth Day 2022

1. 1st Recent Event Update:

The United Nations Climate Change Conference,, and the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change held an intergenerational debate with leaders from Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Uganda at COP26.

2. Latest Event Update 2:

“Invest In Our Planet” is the theme of Earth Day 2022. EDO (Earth Day Organization) has made this official announcement On Jan. 12, 2022. Visit for more information.

3. 3rd Update on Earth Day Events:

The Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) is preparing a virtual presentation for kids from all elementary schools in the state for Earth Day 2022. The virtual tour will be free and will try to mould young brains into more environmentally conscious individuals.

This year’s Climate Science Olympiad will be organised in collaboration with and Climate Science. Students under the age of 25 might attend the session and ask questions about current environmental challenges.

Seattle University’s “Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability” will be celebrating a whole month dedicated to events related to environmental issues and finding solutions for the same.

4. Update 4 on the latest Earth Day event:

To commemorate the forthcoming Earth Day 2022, the University of Ohio is holding Earth Month. Throughout April, the University of Houston’s Office of Sustainability will present online events on a variety of themes related to the role of the general public in environmental protection., the global organisation behind Earth Day, is entering the fashion industry with an all-environmentally friendly range of clothing, with Earth Day 2022 already in sight. The clothing line embodies the same philosophy of preserving the environment and supporting sustainability via responsible resource management.

National Council of Swedish Youth Organizations (LSU) and EARTHDAY.ORG organized an event in collaboration to inculcate in the youth the aptitude to devise environmental protection policy and convert it into action.

On the last day of March 2022, EARTHDAY.ORG organized Earth Day Live event. The event was specifically for young environmental activists to gain insights into better plastic waste management. Another topic was the rising issue of ever-expanding plastic pollution and how to develop an awareness amongst the community against the use of plastic.

5. Update 5 on the latest Earth Day event:

NASA, the United States’ space agency, has announced its plans for Earth Day 2022. The agency will host a live event that will feature NASA’s research, live demonstrations, and a variety of other activities. Furthermore, NASA will host a virtual event that will allow participants to communicate with prominent experts. The goal is to make the event a learning and knowledge-sharing opportunity for students.

White house has also announced that its revamping its efforts to combat critical environmental issues. US President Joe Biden will be attending an event in Seattle on Earth Day 2022, that focuses on ways to tackle climate change.

Earth Day Initiative, the main regulatory body behind Earth Day has collaborated with Volkswagen of America, Inc. The tie-up has made Volkswagen America Inc. the presenting partner for the Earth 2022 Day Events at Hudson yards. The event will focus on solutions to devise a plan to tackle climate change.

On the upcoming Earth Day 2022, a number of Minnesota colleges will hold a week-long Earth Day event. The summit aims to discuss solutions to mitigate the issue of pollution, climate change, global warming, and deforestation.

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