Around 11 p.m., the earthquake struck central and southern Italy, with the epicentre in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a magnitude of 6. In our country, there is no damage .

A magnitude 6 earthquake struck Bosnia and Herzegovina, killing one person and injuring several others. Fear in Italy: Ingv’s map

Earthquake in Marche italy

22 April 2022, Ancona – An earthquake struck the Marche and southern Italy around 11 p.m. this evening.

The epicentre of the powerful earthquake, which had a magnitude of 6, was in Bosnia-southern Herzegovina’s region. The epicentre was reported at a depth of 10 kilometres, according to preliminary estimations.

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The epicentre of the earthquake was 42 kilometres southeast of Mostar, where modest material damage was expected.

The earthquake, which struck at 11:07 a.m., was felt across much of central and southern Italy. Fearful moments in Naples were followed by shock in Abruzzo, particularly in the coastal cities, as well as Puglia and Basilicata.

However, the earthquake did not spare the north, as it was felt in Friuli Venezia Giulia: the coast, particularly in Trieste.

There was only so much anxiety in Italy, and no harm was done: firefighters confirm this in a tweet.

However, the operating rooms received several requests for information from the general public.

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There were also panicked moments along Croatia’s Dalmatian coast, particularly in Split and Makarska, and in Montenegro, where the earthquake was felt in several spots.

The aftermath of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Montenegro in 1979, which killed roughly a hundred people, is remembered by Montenegrins.

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According to online sources and journalists, the earthquake in Italy occurred about 11: PM in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the earthquake in central and southern Italy occurred around 11: AM

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