Free COVID19 tests: A third batch of free COVID test kits is now available,How to place an order for the at-home testing?

A federal website that offers free COVID tests at home has reopened to give Americans a third batch of free kits.

The federal website will allow households in the United States to buy up to eight extra test kits.

Visitors are led to a USPS website to finish the order when they click on the link to order. Each order comes with eight free COVID-19 fast antigen test kits. According to the USPS, the order will be delivered in two shipments, each with four tests.

Every residential address in the United States can take the test

“Free and accessible tests will help slow the spread of the virus as highly transmissible subvariants of Omicron drive a rise in cases in parts of the country,” the Biden administration said in a statement Tuesday.


The website first went live in January, with each family being able to order up to four test kits. In March, a second set of free tests went live. The White House claims that approximately 350 million free tests have been distributed to households since then.

Where can I get free COVID tests?

Click on “Order Free At-Home Tests” at Fill out your contact information and shipping address on the USPS website. There are no requirements for identification, credit card information, or health insurance information.

Each household is restricted to 16 total tests per address. Orders are usually shipped within seven to twelve days.
The US government tried it to prevent pandemics from spreading. Especially a new disease called COVID19, which is a global disease. COVID19 has reopened in thirty batches for all residents of the United States of America.

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