The video Doodle from Google takes you on a trip down Route 66.

Route 66 retains a particular place in the hearts of many Americans, invoking recollections of a bygone era. The route, which once spanned from Chicago to Los Angeles, helped destitute people fleeing the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression relocate west in hopes of a new beginning, earning it the endearing nickname “Mother Road.”


On Saturday, the 96th anniversary of US Route 66 receiving its numerical designation, the Google Doodle will include a film with artwork of sites that can still be found along the decommissioned highway’s route from Chicago to the Pacific Ocean, which runs through eight states.


The classic 1946 song (Get Your Kicks on) Route 66, as well as the 1960s TV show Route 66, solidified its status as America’s Main Street. Despite the fact that Route 66 was decommissioned as a US highway in 1985, more than 85 percent of the original 2,448-mile route is still drivable, providing thousands of travelers with the opportunity to travel back in time.


Matthew Cruickshank, the creator of the Google Doodle, was one of those tourists, driving west in his 1972 Chevy Chevelle. His invention is a video Doodle, which is effectively an animated sketchbook of the numerous historic sites he encountered along the route, and was released on Friday. From the side of the road, he sketched or painted more than     100 images.

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The film depicts classic vehicles with large tails gliding through exciting metropolitan environments, serene grasslands, and breathtaking deserts, with stops along the route at small-town roadside attractions mostly associated with a bygone period. The dulcet tones of that renowned song, delivered by its songwriter, Bobby Troup, through your push-button vehicle radio, provide the music for your ride.


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