Background  Of NG- CARES:

COVID-19 pandemic is a global health yaemergency with far- reaching consequences on the economy, basic services, social unrest and livelihood of the poor and vulnerable.The epidemic in Nigeria resulted in the closure of numerous MSEs, the loss of jobs, the halting of basic services in disadvantaged communities, and an increase in the number of Nigerians living in poverty. In response to the hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, and in line with the Federal Government of Nigeria’s vision of lifting 100 million Nigerians out of poverty in ten years, the Federal Government of Nigeria, on behalf of the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory, requested and received assistance from the World Bank in the amount of USD 750 million for on-lending to the states and the FCT to implement a two-year emergency response programme dubbed the Nigeria COVID-19 Action Reaction Programme (NG-CARES). Each state is given a numberUSD 20 million is provided ex ante, $15 million to the FCT, and USD 15 million to the Federal CARES Support Unit.

What is NG-CARES?

The NG-CARES programme seeks to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the livelihoods of poor individuals, farmers, vulnerable households, communities and owners of micro and small enterprises. The financial instrument is Programme for Result (PforR) at the states and FCT while the Federal level is financed through the Investment Project Financing (IPF).

The NG-CARES,The COVID-19 situation is having a negative impact on the livelihoods of poor people, farmers, vulnerable households, communities, and micro and small business owners. At the state and FCT levels, the funding instrument is the Programme for Results (PforR), whereas at the federal level, the Investment Project Financing is used (IPF). You May Also ReadR JOB VACANCY ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THE ZAMFARA STATE HOSPITAL SERVICES MANAGEMENT BOARD

NG-CARES Federal & State Capacity-Building Registration Form

Without creating a new project implementation structure, NG-CARES builds on previous, successful government interventions such as the Community and Social Development Project (CSDP), Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme (GEEP), National Cash Transfer Programme (NCTP), National FADAMA Programme, State Employment and Expenditure for Results (SEEFOR), and Youth Employment and Social Support Operations (YESSO). It is intended to support a budgeted programme of expenditures and interventions at the state level, with a focus on current and emerging vulnerable and impoverished households, agricultural value chains, and MSEs affected by the economic crisis.

what are Objectives of NG -CARES program?

  •  To Expand access to livelihood support and food
    security services, and grants for poor and vulnerable
    households and firms.
  • The NG-CARES programme seeks to mitigate the
  • impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the livelihoods of poor
    individuals, farmers, vulnerable households, communities
    and owners of micro and small enterprises.
  • It is designed to support a budgeted programme of
    expenditures and interventions at the State level
    targeting existing and emerging vulnerable and poor
    households, agricultural value chains, and Micro and Small
    Enterprises (MSEs) affected by the economic crisis.


Eligibility/Requirements For NG Cares Program

The following documents are required from Applicants;

  • BVN printout which must be stamped by the applicants bank,
  • Proof of Business Operations i.e Cash book, bank statement of account, etc,
  • CAC registration or TIN (To find out business ownership),
  • Evidence of accurate age (using Either Voters Card, NIN, or Driver’s license),
  • Means of Identification (Voters Card, NIN, or Driver’s license),
  • Means to confirm residence (Voter’s card or utility bill

How to Register NG Cares Stimulus Program

The procedures to be followed in applying are very simple, as the application form has already being shared with the following persons;

  • Community CDC chairman.
  • Agents of NG CARES.
  • Community women leaders.
  • Community youth president.

Available funds for NG CARES program

Wold Bank is said to be bringing in about 750 million dollars from the period of 2021 to 2023.
750 million naira is no small money, trust me the most Nigerians will feel the impact of this support programme soon.
The plan arrangement has it that within just two years about 20 million dollars will be sent to each state to make NG CARES a reality while Abuja will get 15 million dollars

NG-CARES Target Businesses Ni Nigerian:

Ng- cares

1.Micro businesses (3 – 9 employees): this means that a micro business unit should have like 3 to 9 employees before they will granted access to the loan
2.Small businesses (10 – 50 employees): for small business unit they will need to boast of 10 to 50 employees.

Key Terms Of NG-CARES:

  • NG-Cares is a scheme of the federal and work bank
  • It was established to help reduce the high level poverty and access to funds as a result of Covid-19 pandemic.
  • About 750 million dollars has been made available by world Bank.
  • Federal government will play a supervisory role.
  • State are to implement the usage of the fund as they are the ones to locate those vulnerable people in the grass root.There is no central portal created for this scheme now.
  • Individualstate have their portal open for this purpose.

All State in Nigeria is Eligible for this NG-CARES


  • Abia CARES
  • Adamawa CARES
  • Akwa Ibom CARES
  • Anambra CARES
  • Bauchi CARES
  • Bayelsa CARES
  • Benue CARES
  • Borno CARES
  • Cross River CARES
  • Delta CARES
  • Ebonyi CARES
  • Edo CARES
  • Ekiti CARES
  • Enugu CARES
  • Federal Capital Territory Abuja
  • Gombe CARES
  • Imo CARES
  • Jigawa CARES
  • Kaduna CARES
  • Kano CARES
  • Katsina CARES
  • Kebbi CARES
  • Kogi CARES
  • Kwara CARES
  • Lagos CARES
  • Nasarawa CARES
  • Niger CARES
  • Ogun CARES
  • Ondo CARES
  • Osun CARES
  • Oyo CARES
  • Plateau CARES
  • Rivers CARES
  • Sokoto CARES
  • Taraba CARES
  • Yobe CARES
  • ZamfaraCARES

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More Elaborated on NG-CARES up

We understand that there are various government programmes that deals on job creation programmes ongoing both in state and federal level.

What NG-Cares does is to complement and leverage on these programs.
This means that states will be an active participant here, states will be given the money to identify those who its meant for in the grassroot.

In other word the NG-Cares is to become a bridge between existing job creation programs in states while the federal Government will play a monitoring role, evaluation role and will also provide technical assistance to all participating states.

We are going to update you more about the NG CARES news and any other National Covid 19 Action Recovery and Economic Stimulus update all you have to do is keep visiting this page.


Belowis a list of NG-CARES Links of each State of Nigeria.


Code For All State

are you here for looking code of your own state?

Before you Register NG-CARES program as an agent you must use with your state code before you continue to the next step.

  • Katsina code C21
  • Kano code C20
  • Kaduna code C19
  • Zamfar code C37
  • Kebbi code C22
  • Bauchi code C06
  • Jigwa code C18
  • IMO code C17
  • Ebonyi code C12
  • Lagos code C25
  • Osun code C30
  • Delta code C11
  • Cross river C10
  • Kogi code C23
  • Kwara code C24
  • Nasaraw code C26
  • Niger code C27
  • Ogun code C28
  • Oyo code C31
  • Ondo code C29
  • Plateau code C32
  • Sokoto code C34
  • Taraba code C35
  • Yobe code C36
  • Abuja code C02
  • Adamawa code C03
  • Borno code C04
  • Anambra code C05
  • Bayelsa code C07
  • Benue code C08
  • Gombe code C16
  • Enugu code C15
  • Ekiti code C14
  • Edo code C13
  • Abia code C01

Note; NG-CARES Federal & State Capacity-Building Registration Form

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