On Friday, the Nigerian Governors’ Forum (NGF) contributed N580 million to the Kaduna State Government for distribution to victims of the recent Abuja-Kaduna train explosion.

According to a statement issued by Abdulrazaque Bello-Barkindo, the head of NGF Media and Public Affairs, in Abuja on Friday, the forum Chairman and Governor of Ekiti, Dr Kayode Fayemi, made the donation while leading a two-man delegation of the forum to Kaduna State.

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Mr Fayemi stated that the team was in the state to express condolences to the government and people following the train attack, which lost many lives, injured many others, and resulted in the kidnapping of several more.
While speaking to Gov. Nasiru El-Rufai, the NGF chairman expressed great sympathy for Kaduna State and its people.

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Because of the large number of deaths and additional fatalities, he called the attack “mind-boggling.”

“Unfortunately, the criminals were daring enough to also-ran take some hostages,” Mr Fayemi said, “raising the state of instability, which has effectively thrown Kaduna into the mix.”

The Ekiti governor wondered if the entire crime was the work of the state government’s or governor’s adversaries, who were attempting to divert the state’s attention away from its growth route.

Mr Fayemi expressed sorrow that “everything is currently unnecessarily swirling around 2023,” and recommended that more be done to secure the country.He claimed that the country’s north-west had been a peaceful zone and consensus before now.

“Whatever it is,” the governor said, “governors would continue to work with President Muhammadu Buhari to restore normalcy to the country.”

Mr Fayemi also agreed with the Kaduna governor’s answer to banditry, in which he has always recommended that the government take proactive action against bandits by going after them in their enclaves and rooting them out.

“I agree that we, as governors, must work together with the President to ruthlessly deal with the bandits and crush them, as you have always urged.”
He went on to say that the basic goal of government was to ensure the protection of people and property.
Mr Fayemi stated that they had been to Kaduna State to express their condolences to the governor, the state administration, and the people of the state.
“We are here to demonstrate solidarity with them and align with the governor, who has been a focused leader throughout his life as a public servant from whom we must learn to ensure peace in our communities,” Mr Fayemi continued.
El-Rufai was warned by the NGF chairman to “continue to be the leader that he has always been, regardless of what anyone thinks,” and to “continue to be the leader that he has always been.” “It is worth dying for Nigeria.”
In his speech, Mr El-Rufai stated that 61 Kaduna residents, including a key government official and his 8-month pregnant wife, were still recovering from the train attack.
According to him, the bandits are currently hiding in Niger State.
The incident could have been avoided, according to Mr El-Rufai, because “the state administration had tipped the Nigerian Railways Corporation.”
Hadiza Balarabe, the deputy governor of Kaduna State, described the train attack as “a demoralizing event” that she hoped the state would never endure again.

Mr El-Rufai had been at the forefront of finding answers to the problem from the start, according to Mrs Balarebe.
The NGF and its members, according to the deputy governor, had been such excellent friends whose assistance the state respected and placed a high value on.

She promised that the Kaduna State Government will continue to do everything possible to support the state’s security forces. “The goal is to secure lives and property while also working hard to find long-term solutions to the problem so that it doesn’t happen again,” she explained.

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