When she voted to approve Justice Brett Kavanaugh, she made an astoundingly credulous statement.

Brett Kavanaugh, of course, will vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. Is there a single person in our country who is astonished by this information? One? Nobody could be so trusting and naive. Oh, no.


Senator Susan Collins of Maine expressed amazement and dismay on Tuesday morning, the day after the scoop-of-the-decade Politico leak, that Kavanaugh and fellow Donald Trump appointment Neil Gorsuch appear to be set to be part of a five-justice majority that will overturn Roe v. Wade.

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If Politico’s reporting is correct, she says it “would be utterly contradictory” with what the two said during their confirmation testimony and what they told her in her office.


On Tuesday morning, reporters on Capitol Hill had the opportunity to question her about the tumultuous statement she made in 2018 when she declared she’d be voting for Kavanaugh. She stated, “My statement speaks for itself.”


Yes, it does. Collins lives in a make-believe cocoon where the pro-life movement doesn’t exist, the Federalist Society doesn’t exist, and Supreme Court nominees come before the Senate and speak the plain truth and deserve to be taken at their word, even if it’s obvious to everyone watching that they’re lying through their teeth.


Let’s go over that statement again. It was terribly written back then, and it’s even worse now. She begins by examining some of the major issues before the court, such as Obamacare and presidential power. Roe: She eventually gets to the money issue.

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“There’s also been a lot of focus on the future of abortion rights because there’s a fear that Judge Kavanaugh may try to overturn Roe v. Wade.” This right is very essential to me. Judge Kavanaugh is, to my knowledge, the first Supreme Court nominee to state that precedent is not just a practice and tradition, but is founded in Article III of our Constitution.


Precedent, he says, is “not only a judicial doctrine… it is constitutionally mandated to give attention and care to standards of precedent.” To put it another way, precedent isn’t a goal or an aspiration; it’s a constitutional precept that must be followed unless unusual circumstances exist.”


“A long-established precedent is not something to be trimmed, limited, abandoned, or neglected,” Judge Kavanaugh told me. Because of its constitutional foundations, the principle of stare decisis has more weight, ensuring that precedent cannot be trimmed or narrowed on the spur of the moment by a court. In summary, his beliefs on precedent would prevent attempts to accomplish what one has promised not to do overtly by stealth.”


If you happened to be hiking in Outer Mongolia at the time, I’m here to tell you that Kavanaugh was lying through his teeth to everyone. Liberals were well aware of this and were enraged by it. Conservatives were well aware of this and delighted in it. Everyone was aware of the situation.

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Kavanaugh didn’t exactly hide his anti-Roe feelings; in fact, he basically auditioned for the role of Roe-killer. Prior to his nomination, Kavanaugh offered multiple hints that he would vote to overturn Roe in public statements and judicial opinions, as Vox’s Ian Millhiser, then writing for ThinkProgress, explained in 2018. During his confirmation hearings, he stated that “all roads lead to the Glucksberg test,” referring to Justice William Rehnquist’s unanimous decision in Washington v. Glucksberg (whose dissent in Roe Kavanaugh has also been publicly praised) that the Due Process Clause did not enshrine a right to assisted suicide.

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According to Millhiser, “the question of which unenumerated rights are guaranteed by the Constitution should be answered by asking which rights are ‘deeply anchored in our Nation’s history and tradition.” Justice Samuel Alito’s reasoning in the leaked draft ruling is consistent with the concept of “the Glucksberg test,” as well as his opposition to rights that are not “based in history and tradition.” Or, at the very least, not deeply planted enough for him.


It’s unclear how Collins overlooked Kavanaugh’s take on “the Glucksberg test,” which he set out at the confirmation hearings she attended. Collins was either gullible or lying herself. Or a blend of the two. Most liberals probably believe she was simply lying, but I’d put her at 25% lying (if also to herself) and 75% gullible.

Collins hails from a bygone era, a world that has long since passed away. She was initially elected to the Senate in 1996, but she worked as an aide to then-Maine GOP Representative and later Senator William Cohen, the man who went on to become Bill Clinton’s last Pentagon chief, starting in the mid-1970s. Cohen was a genuine moderate at a period when both parties had plenty of them, including a smattering of true liberals in the Republican Party.


A person who has worked in that ecosystem for nearly 50 years, during which time it has deteriorated from a place of relative good faith to the place it is today, where nearly every convention and custom has been broken, will continue to act as if everything is still working. Collins can’t face the fact that her own party, and the senator from Kentucky for whom she has repeatedly voted to appoint majority leader, are to blame for the majority of the splintering, at least in public (whatever she thinks in private).

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Her actions show that she still believes the Senate works the way it used to, that a judicial nominee sitting down with a senator and answering her questions for two hours is a meaningful exercise rather than the cynical box-ticking that the nominee knows he has to do in order to get naive senators to vote for him.


It would all be forgiven if it weren’t for the fact that poor women, women whose net worth isn’t a few million dollars, like Collins’s, and women who don’t live in New England, where the right to an abortion is likely to remain legal, are the ones who pay for Collins’s suspended-in-aspic belief system. Her fantasy land may have made her feel wonderful, and it may have helped her win reelection, but it will injure thousands of women. And that can’t be forgive.


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